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The great 50s and 60s

The historical picture of that period is clear: slowly, but with tenacity, Europe is intent on healing the wounds caused by the Second World War, while the United States is in the economic boom thanks to the Marshall Plan.
The rebirth is visible not only in society, but also in the personalities of ordinary women. It isn’t a coincidence if the woman becomes the angel of the hearth: yes, all right, she is always in order and beautiful as the New Look asks, but she is now surrounded by the most new appliances, ready to care for her husband come back from the front and her family, even more numerous.
The wardrobe, suitable for every social category and occasion, goes from the bon ton style of Christian Dior to the less elaborate one, but most loved by teenagers, with jeans, leather jacket and the inevitable glitter! Great!!!
TV takes the place of radio, transforming itself into an excellent medium capable of reaching many families at the same time, with new messages purely advertising. The New Look, born from the brilliant mind of Dior, already exploded in the late 1940s and although it was considered a provocation both ethical and economic, this look so elegant and lively quickly conquers the entire audience. Great importance is given to fabrics, which vary from season to season, so as to force women to shopping every six months (today it would seem an eternity, but trust…in the past yoou didn’t buy so often…). For women it becomes a real need: here are the first effects of advertising. And to think that we are just in the mid-1950s.
The female silhouette par excellence is "hourglass", with the new formula 90 - 60 - 90 that becams synonymous with perfection, perhaps still is today!
 The ideal of beauty of the time is Marilyn Monroe, visible in magazines for men only: 1953 is when the first copy of Playboy is printed. Marilyn on the cover. The reason? She will declare that she did it only for money, unable to pay the rent. The assertion of the actress will bring her to the center of media attention, so as to bring a shrewd entrepreneur to buy the rights.
The following decade, the “mythical”, represents a clear generational and cultural change. The repercussions on fashion, as expected, are manifold: the woman gains even more independence. The miniskirt is born (Tank God!). The style icon of American fashion is the First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy, while in Europe Yves Saint Laurent makes his way, with his creations "politically incorrect", we will hear about it…
While continuing to live Dior's New Look, Givenchy introduces a new silhouette, which debuts in “Breakfast at Tiffany's”, worn by Audrey Hepburn.
audrey hepburn
In this period live a golden age fabrics with sumptuous prints and bright colors accompanied by very short cuts, which bring back to that same desire for freedom and change, protagonists of events that will mark the politics and society of the future decades, like the student revolution: welcome to the fateful 60s !!!

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