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Pink Pyton Long Dress - Scalzi&Pareati
Pink Pyton Long Dress - Scalzi&Pareati
Pink Pyton Long Dress - Scalzi&Pareati


Pink Python Long Dress

Are you looking for a nice dose of coolness for this season? "SSSHHH..." something is coming in your collection of long dresses!! No, it is absolutely no secret, but it is simply the python trend that awakens from the short winter hibernation and creeps, unexpectedly, invading the closets of the most fearless and courageous fashionistas.The python print will be a perfect ally: just a few veins but at the right point! In fact, our PINK PYTHON LONG DRESS in silk satin is a daydream that we would like to materialize as if by magic in your Scalzi&Pareati wardrobe. In addition to being more bewitching than ever for its elegant and sinuous line with a mermaid tail minimal effect, but of great value, has a touch very cool and at the same time gritty.
The merit is the pink tone with a strong glamorous impact, the uncovered back with crossed straps behind and the dizzying slit that gives an upgrade to the look. The result? Breathtaking. Try to believe!
- Zebra print
- Silk Satin fabric
- Sensual form
- V-neck
- Slit in front
- Maxi-length
- Size 40

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