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Red&Black Dress - Scalzi&Pareati
Red&Black Dress - Scalzi&Pareati
Red&Black Dress - Scalzi&Pareati


Red & Black Dress

Password: transparency and character! No shame, no secret: the goal is "dare" and the SEE-NOT effect is taken to the extreme. With this elegant long satin dress with micro-mesh stretch on the sleeves and on the right side the woman who wears it has nothing to hide, on the contrary, literally reveals her side (right!) more intimate and sensual, showing a part of herself. The rest is the RED & BLACK of Scalzi&Pareati, two colors that have always been a symbol of strength and power: and when two tones so protagonists of trends join a soft zebra print, can only be born something not to be missed. To be discovered yes, but always with style, energy and great taste!
- Silk satin fabric
- Sensual form
- Transparent micro-mesh
- Long sleeve
- Maxi-length
- Size 42

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