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Years ’90 – 2000: Nothing is created, nothing is destroyed, but everything is transformed

di Fabiola Palmieri "Nothing is created, nothing is destroyed, but everything is transformed", the famous phrase of Lavoisier, despite being dated to the second half of the 18th century, is confirmed as very current: fashion is approaching an ideal of "subjective" perfection and repeats over time: it is one, as the ancient Greeks would say it is “èn tò pán”, “everything is one”, that is, everything is reduced to a single fundamental principle, which encompasses everything. 

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Anni ‘90 – 2000: Nulla si crea, nulla si distrugge, ma tutto si trasforma

di Fabiola Palmieri “Nulla si crea, nulla si distrugge, ma tutto si trasforma”, la celebre frase del chimico Lavoisier, pur essendo datata alla seconda metà del ‘700 si conferma attualissima: la moda si avvicina a un’ideale di perfezione “soggettiva” e si ripete nel tempo: è una, come direbbero gli antichi greci è “èn tò pán”, “tutto è uno”, ovvero ogni cosa si riduce ad un unico principio fondamentale, che racchiude tutto.

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The "Contromoda" of the '70 & '80

di Fabiola Palmieri The Amaranth stands out to my eye, from the Greek “that which does not wither" ... it is just like that (!), it is the symbol of amazement, of a freedom never seen or heard, but which has always been coveted: we are over the 70s in which flowery dresses, ethnic prints and the brightest colors are all the rage! The woman becomes aware of being attracted to something beyond herself, which she will never reach, but which animates her. She begins to "give herself the you", to get into confidence with her body, to get out of the prison of male narcissism who only wants to "take her" and not "understand her" ... And here appear...

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La "contromoda" degli anni '70 & '80

di Fabiola Palmieri "Mi risalta all’occhio l’amaranto, dal greco "ciò che non appassisce" ... è proprio così (!), è il simbolo dello stupore, di una libertà mai vista né sentita ma che da sempre è bramata, siamo negli anni ‘70

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The great 50s and 60s

By Fabiola Palmieri The historical picture of that period is clear: slowly, but with tenacity, Europe is intent on healing the wounds caused by the Second World War, while the United States is in the economic boom thanks to the Marshall Plan. The rebirth is visible not only in society, but also in the personalities of ordinary women. It isn’t a coincidence if the woman becomes the angel of the hearth: yes, all right, she is always in order and beautiful as the New Look asks, but she is now surrounded by the most new appliances, ready to care for her husband come back from the front and her family, even more numerous. The wardrobe, suitable for every social category...

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